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Don’t Leave Home Without These 7 Essential COGS Accessories

For guys who must be dragged, kicking and screaming, on shopping expeditions aimed at stocking up on fashion accessories, even the word accessorize may send your mood into a nose dive. But the term accessories is no longer relegated to the world of fashion. In fact, camping accessories have become big business for ultralight backpacking gear manufacturers because these extras can make time spent in nature more comfortable and safer.

Accessorizing says a lot about your approach to acquiring hammock camping gear. It represents your personal preferences, so why not find out how much more enjoyable your outings can become when you upgrade your camping gear to include Colorado Outdoor Gear Supply accessories? Once you add one or more of our exclusive products to your hammock camping gear, you may wonder how you ever managed without them!

  1. Fit to be Tied: 25-feet of ZingIt Continuous Ridgeline

Have you found yourself taking sides when the topic of “continuous ridgelines or not” is raised in conversation? For advocates, there’s no discussion. These urethane-coated cords do a great job of keeping your tarp suspended above your hammock. In fact, using a continuous ridgeline happens to be one of the fastest ways to slide a tarp over a hammock so you're not standing in the rain fiddling while getting soaked.

Is it perfect? Of course not, it can be difficult to set up at first, but plenty of folks have become believers once they get the rigging system down. To be honest, you’ll pay more for a cup of designer coffee and a donut than you would for this awesome accessory that gives you 25-feet-worth of confidence and repeat use.

  1. Hex Tarp Heaven: Guy Line Set

Is it possible to bring too much ridgeline along on a camping expedition? The answer is a resounding no. If you want to snag a good supply by making one affordable purchase, this complete set of guy lines, designed for standard hex tarps, will do the job for any number of reasons. And you’ll have change left over if you pay for this accessory with a $10 bill.

Whether you choose gray or yellow (we’re talking camping fashion here), snap up four, 6-foot hanks of 1.75 ZingIt to the four-corner tie-out points of your tarp and rest assures that they are secured for the duration of your outing.

  1. Just for Winter Warriors: Guy Line Set for Winter Tarp

For just 10 bucks, invest in this guy line set and you won’t wind up covered in snow. Color options aside (grey and yellow are available), you get the whole enchilada: four, 6-foot hanks of 1.75 ZingIt plus four more 6-foot hanks to secure your door tie-out points.

With a solid 500-pound weight strength found in all 8 pieces, you can put some serious tension on your tie-out points so when you’re out roaming around in winter weather you won’t return to find everything covered in snow. We can’t make any promises about the bear who may decide that your little den.

  1. You Are What You Stow: Large Possibles Pouch

It’ll set you back $20, but when you realize how much our Large Possibles Pouch can protect from the elements, you’ll start buying these up as gifts for friends who love camping as much as you do. Constructed of 210-Denier HDPE Gridstop Nylon, this 11.5(L)- x 5(H)- x 4.5(W)-inch carrier holds and keeps essentials dry. You can also add a waterproof zipper for a few dollars more. Here are a few reasons to add a Colorado Outdoor Gear Supply Largest Possible Pouch to your camping inventory:

-Can you put a price on keeping toilet paper dry? We did’t think so.

-Must-have toiletries fit alongside hand wipes, sanitizers and other necessary items.

-Keep your matches and other types of fire-making material in here.

-Roll up a lightweight poncho to keep it dry.

-Cell phones, extra batteries and memory cards? Yes, please.

  1. Little Things Mean a Lot: Small Possibles Pouch

Let’s say you’re so efficient and organized about preparing for camping trips that you can literally be out the door in half an hour. You’re probably a no-frills explorer who says, “Anything that’s not essential stays home.” Maybe you bring a toothbrush. Maybe not. Taking ownership of a Small Possibles Pouch means you could have room left over, but necessities you bring along are going to stay dry—especially if you have a waterproof zipper installed.

Choose from 6 colors and pat yourself on the back for having chosen an ideal way to protect essentials like cook kit supplies, an extra water filter, collapsible bladder—-use your imagination! Like this pouch’s big brother, the smaller product is manufactured of the same 210-Denier HDPE Gridstop Nylon and measures 8(L)- x 3(H)- x 4(W)-inches. You may discover so many uses for this mini-pouch, you won't be our first customer to upgrade to the Large Possibles Pouch down the road.

  1. No-Slither Zone: Mesh Snake Skins

If the only snake skins you’re aware of are the slithering reptiles you want to keep out of your hammock for any number of reasons, may we introduce this set of 0.67-ounce Noseeum Mesh Snake Skins engineered for your 11- or 12-foot ridgeline tarp? These protective covers are 7-feet-long each and they provide the overlap you need so your tarp neither falls to the ground nor slithers away.

Keep these fabric sleeves permanently attached to your tarp’s ridgeline so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you set up camp. If you’re careful about your rolling technique, factor in guy lines and wind up with a neat package that doesn’t get all tangled up when your hammock camping gear is on hiatus. At just $25 for this accessory, when you see how much time they save, you might think about doing a happy dance. You won’t. But you could think about it.

  1. Grounded? Not With a Tyvek Ground Sheet in Your Ultralight Backpacking Gear

The phrase hitting the ground usually means “getting off to a brisk and successful start.” But in your world, hitting the ground can have serious repercussions, which is why you need an affordable Tyvek groundsheet. The Colorado Outdoor Gear Supply Tyvek Ground Sheet doesn’t mess around when it comes to protection and reliability. Pre-washed to eliminate annoying noises associated with Tyvek goods, this 2- x 3-foot groundsheet features a rolled-hem with grosgrain corner loops so edges won’t fray.

“I’m a hammock camper, why would I need a groundsheet?,” you whine. Buddy, you need one. Take our word for it. These gems add a layer of waterproofing and cleanliness beneath your hammock, and protect your ultralight backpacking gear investment. These things are great to stand on to change your footwear and/or your clothes before you jump into your hammock. When was the last time you got this much convenience for just $10? Just sayin’.

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