About Me

My name is Chad and I originally became interested in hammock camping in early 2016. I live in Colorado and I wanted to be able to enjoy everything my surroundings had to offer, but wanted a light weight sleep system in order to do it, which eventually brought me to hammocks. Through my research I realized that making the items myself was one thing that really interested me. I was able to create my first setup and ran with the ball after that. I had so much fun and engagement creating these pieces that I want to share my craft with others.

Being that I am the only person producing my products, and wanting to make sure you get exactly what you want, I do not keep a large inventory of products on hand. My intention is to offer generous choices and options so that you get something you can call your own, although with a short wait time of approximately 7-10 days from the time you place your order. This gives me the time to order your custom fabric, produce your product, and ship it to your door.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you for all of your hammock camping needs,